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Our maltodextrin can be added to milk powder and other dairy products. It makes the produced products volume expand, not easy to agglomerate, instant. It has a good preparation ability and prolong the shelf life of the product.

Maltodextrin is also used in nutritional snack foods, instant oatmeal and malted milk essence. It has a good taste and instant thickening effect, avoids precipitation and stratification and can absorb beany smell or milk taint prolonging the retention period. When used in solid beverages, such as milk tea and instant tea, it can maintain the characteristics and aroma of the original product and reduce costs. Maltodextrin has a mellow and delicate taste, and has an excellent instant-dissolving effect with strong flavor and inhibits crystallization.

It is used in fruit juice drinks, such as coconut milk juice and various lactic acid drinks, with strong emulsifying ability, easy to be absorbed by the human body, increased viscosity, pure product, good stability and not easy to precipitate. Also found in ice cream, ice cream or popsicles and other frozen foods, the ice particles expand delicately, with good viscosity and mild sweetness.

In 25 kg bags or in big bags with your required weight.

We are able to deliver following standard products from our Danish warehouse:

– Maltodextrin DE 10-12
– Maltodextrin DE 12-15
– Maltodextrin DE 15-20

Our Rosa Aguado brand of Maltodextrin is our way of making sure we deliver the same, stable and high quality every time. Not only are we using the best rawmaterials to make Rosa Aguado Maltodextrin but quality and safety are built into our process.

Testing and constant surveillance monitoring of processes and premises gives us the assurance that our processes and controls are effective. We continue to invest in purpose-built technology that allows us to electronically trace our products.

Our principle

We place our confidence in providers who supply products that are of a high and stable quality, sustainable and fresh.

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