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Milk Powders

Our products

Milk Powders
Food Nord was created in 1993

We are able to deliver standard products

Are you looking for a specific dairy ingredient we kindly ask you to send us your detailed enquiry via our contact email address.

Due to the nature of the dairy industry we are unable to publish prices. Instead we kindly ask you to forward an email.

– Skim Milkpowder
– Skim Milkpowder Secolac
– Full Cream Milkpowder
– Milk Permeate
– Milk Proteins
– Fat Filled Powders
– Cream Powder
– Butter Milkpowder
– Milk based blends according to your receipe

Powders made from cows milk

Food Nord strives to deliver highest quality at best price. Client satisfaction is a keyword to Food Nord.

We are experienced in making ingredients made from milk and whey. We are able to deliver the excact dairy powder that suits your requirements at best price. Based on your requirements, we design the ingredients, test it in your production and finetune it in case its required. On top we provide your Company with a comprehensive after sales service.

Our objective is to deliver savings on your Company´s purchase of rawmaterials. We call it Functional Ingredients.

All products comes with neccessary certificates, proper documentation for the high quality and superior taste. Our products are made according to strict rules and supervision of the Danish Veterianery and Food Department. Many of our products are of Danish origin.

Our principle

We place our confidence in providers who supply products that are of a high and stable quality, sustainable and fresh.

Food Nord

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Food Nord is today a modern company who can supply a wide range of dairy ingredients. With distributors in several countries, we export our products to the entire world.

Or call us directly +45 7372 0131